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Having engine trouble?  Running low on fuel?  No more crash-landing in the parking lot! Airports-4-Pilots will dynamically provide you with a list of the closest landing facilities, public and private, sorted by distance to your present location, and will give also you directions to each located facility, as well as provide a map and comprehensive information on your chosen landing spot.

Airports-4-Pilots is the most comprehensive database of public and private airports, heliports,  gliderports, balloonports, STOLports, ultralights and seaplane bases, covering in great detail close to 20,000 public and private facilities across the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Pacific Territories.  It includes detailed information on each facilities' runways, operations, contacts, services, supplies, frequencies, FSS and more.  It also includes current FAA remarks for each facility, as well as satellite imagery and maps.  


Airports-4-Pilots includes a life-saving "SOS!" feature to enable pilots quickly find the nearest facilities of their choice, in case of an emergency such as aircraft engine failure or fuel shortage.  In the event of an emergency landing, Airports-4-Pilots provides a list of the nearest public and private facilities sorted by distance, as well as  directions to each facility from the user's current position. Pilots no longer have to resign to ditching at the nearest parking lot. With Airports-4-Pilots, a rich list of viable alternatives will readily be on hand and available to the aviator.  Covering in great detail every known facility, big or small, public, private and military, Airports-4-Pilots provides the aviator with peace of mind by presenting a viable list of 'alternate airports' at every stage of the flight.  Browse remote facilities for cross-country trip planning, search for specific airports in pre-flight mode, or activate the SOS! mode in mid-flight for a sorted list of nearby facilities.

Airports-4-Pilots sources current data from the FAA and covers the entire US, including ALL areas - Northwest, Southwest, North Central, South Central, East Central, Northeast, Southeast, Alaska, Pacific / Hawaii.

Airports-4-Pilots is fully self contained and does not require an internet connection to operate (with the exception of Google maps and satellite imagery).  Updated data, when released by the FAA, will be made available via the AppStore.

Airports-4-Pilots was designed and developed in California by Ndili Technologies, Inc.

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